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About Our Blooms Playway

Welcome to Blooms A Play School Since-2005.. Blooms is a unit of Kishan Education Society Blooms is the first of its kind pre-sohool which offers students a structured curriculum through age appropriate learning activities. Our aim is to provide the best educational experience to our Blooming buds. Blooms endeavors to provide quality & meaningful education.The emphasis is on building a strong foundation so that our child a equipped for the future, something that every parent would like his child to experience. Blooms believes in hoping the intellectual , physical , emotional, social and moral skills that will stand him good stead for the rest of his life

Why Choose Blooms Playway

We know the spirit of childhood is play and thus play-way in education insists on child centered education.

Expert Teachers

Distinctively enhance empowered and alignments without leveraged architectures professionly.

Childhood Library

The classroom library plays an important role in creating a high-quality early childhood learning experience that enriches language and vocabulary development.

Music And Art Class

Distinctively enhance empowered and alignments without leveraged architectures professionly.

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Learning Resources

Digital learning has the power to bring a classroom to life with satisfied features that benefit both the teachers and students.

Story Telling

Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment.

Indoor Play Areas

There is an indoor area with Toys which made from soft foam materials to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce.

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